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Wednesday. 3.21.07 4:41 am
mood: bored, lonely, self-loathing
listening to: Scissor Sisters
Well hi to everybody, but most possibly nobody(and maybe never anybody?). Just thought I'd start up my blog even though i don't have much to say. I am getting ready to microwave/broil my 3rd pot pie within this last hour and I am pondering what use anyone could have for synthetic shit packaged up like boxed ice cream. I'll be turning 19 next month and as you might already be able to tell- the last two decades of my life have been well spent. Although it is spring break I'm feeling like I should be a little more productive. I stayed up till 8 am this morning playing video games I suck at, reading about cadavers, and talking to the tv as I watched Casino Royale. Naturally I woke up at 7 pm and felt like anyone would when they've realized that they just wasted a carefree day in their short little useless when-the-hell am I going to die-I forgot some hypens-whatever-life. I never wanted it to end up this way: critisized by and fearful of the human race, day dreaming over the dreams I live in at night, not eating vegetables. Basically what it comes down to is a I'm a good waste of a human being and I need a damn hobby so I can keep my mind off of this fact. I enjoy writing though, I'm not good at it, but I'd like to do it more often. I am a shy girl, and I enjoy the vocal freedom of it. But unfortunatley I can't just write little notes to everybody I run into rather than actually talking to them. So yeah, hopefully I can get this thing running after 2 years of ignoring my account. I am really going to struggle with the html, etc., so apologies for the shitty look.

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